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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wise men on camels and a gift from summer

This picture is from the other day.  The quality isn't great as it is from my cell phone camera.  Austin put on his crown and informed me that he was a Wise Man.  I said, "where is your camel?"  He didn't miss a beat, went into the other room, found his bike and said "Here's my camel!"  I love watching this little guys imagination unfold and blossom.  Every day he amazes me with his creativity and ability to integrate concepts.  Have I mentioned I love this little person!

These are pictures from this summer that I came across yesterday.  I remember the day I took them, sitting on the beach, knitting a winter hat.  I loved the way the sun was playing off the colors in the yarn.  Made me think of a sunset over the ocean.  I remember thinking that while I was knitting it, it was warm and when I got around to using this hat, it would be cold and all the color would be gone from the world.  I wanted to capture the warmth and fun of that summers day in the stitches, to remember the colors of the sea and sand, the grass and sky, the leaves on the trees and the umbrellas on the beach.  To somehow store up the vibrant hues against the time when the winter skies would be gray, the trees  bare, the grass  dull and a cold rain falling.  Like today.  I put that summer saturated hat on my boy and I remembered.

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