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Monday, May 21, 2012

chicks on the lawn

This weekend, we all spent as much time outside as possible, enjoying the sunshine.  This includes the chicks.  We've had to keep them indoors as the nights have still been pretty cool. I'm hoping to move them into their new outdoor home soon, very soon.  But in the meanwhile, we have been putting them outside during the day where we can keep an eye on them (and marauding hawks) and inside at night.  Austin felt very protective of them and spent a good deal of time keeping them company.  Daisey really wanted to be IN the pen with the chicks.  She's still not completely convinced that they are NOT lunch.

Austin took the time to explain to the chicks all the strange and loud sounds they were hearing so that they would not be afraid, because, you see they are still babies.   "That's a motorcycle riding by.  Motorcycles are loud.  Don't be afraid baby chicks, it's just loud."  

He brought out a chair and ate his lunch chick-side.  Daisey is always nearby when Austin eats.  She has learned that toddlers are not the neatest eaters and can be counted on to drop, accidentally or intentionally, samples of their meals.

The Bubble Saga


blowing some more

still more blowing

This is a lot harder than it looks

ok, I'll give it one more try...

Hey look, it works,

I'm doing it, I'm really doing it!

Yea, me!


  1. Those baby chicks are so cute! And... so is your little one!!