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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

15 Eggs

15 eggs, and no we are not talking about my chickens here.

After many shots, many blood draws, many ultrasounds, quite

a bit of nausea and other side effects, I finally had the egg

retrieval today.  Now, I am resting.  In a few days we will 

know more and I will return to the hospital for the embryo 

transfer.  Meanwhile, I am thankful that this part of the

roller coaster ride is over and trying to catch my breath

before the next ride begins. 

And no, they are not putting 15 embryos back in!  They will

not likely all grow and of those that do, only a small number

will be transferred to me, the rest for be frozen for a future 

cycle or if not needed, we will make them available to another

couple tying to conceive.

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