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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring!

  To welcome spring we gathered a few forsythia branches and made our Easter Tree.

Austin decorated it just like a Christmas tree..... with all the decorations on the same branch!  After a bit of um, tactful suggestions, we got it decorated fairly evenly.

We've been enjoying the amazing weather spending as much time as possible outside.  I am not so much enjoying this new phase of development that blew in with the spring weather.  In the past two weeks, Austin has discovered the power of "NO".  He wakes up in the morning, I greet him with, "Good Morning Sweetpea!"  His response, "NO!  No Mama!"  I tell him the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day.  He says, " No, it's not beautiful.  I don't like it."  Ok, so this day is starting off well.  He has also taken a liking to chasing the animals to scare them.  This drives me crazy.  We talk about being gentle and kind and how to be a friend to the animals.  He agrees and then runs off shouting and waving his arms chasing a cat, or a dog, or a chicken.   Argh.  My sweet little boy is being a real little stinker.  I suppose it's the onset of the "terrible two's", the famous quest to establish  independence and self identity.   So mamas out there in cyber world, any suggestions and words of wisdom from those of you who have navigated these waters for this mama in the midst of them?


  1. Dear Elisa...First off, oh my goodness, your son is Adorable. Love those curls! I think my littlest and your boy are nearly the same age? Huckley is about 21 months. Anyhow, I have 2 boys who have been super sweet and gentle and cooperative...and then...and then...they love to scare and shout and stomp and holler!!! I don't get it myself, but I see their exuberance and happiness. I definately draw the line when it is hurtful actions or over the top, but really it has been a lesson for me in letting go of my own expectations, and I'm continually working on it! As far as the "no" thing, that is my middle child, my daughter. She is very good at saying no. Often, I don't give her reason to (I like the sun shining today) but if she does, and she will, I just ignore it. Ah, how easy it is to give advice, isn't it? Practicing it is a whole other thing. I'm sure this phase will pass. Now that I've written a huge long comment, I shall go and be a mama:)
    xo Jules

  2. Thanks for the advise and encouragement. I'm pretty sure my expectations of perfection may be just a teeny tiny bit unrealistic and relinquishing control of anything is not my strong point either. Not sure which is more ridiculous, my desire to be a perfect mother or my desire for a perfect child? :). Haha, not to likely either one will happen! I fear this is going to be a bumpy ride as Austin and I learn together. (Breathe in , exhale, repeat.) Have a super weekend.

  3. Dear Elisa

    Soooo, Austin finally found the "power of NO". I am afraid there is no real way to deal with that, I think the best is just see the whole thing from the most positive perspective: he is training the NO for times in the future when he could really need it. Imagine one day someone would force Austin to do something that is not good for him and Austin would shout NOOOOOO without being afraid of his own courage, because he has been training the No for a long time ( and giving his poor Mom bad headaches, ha)
    My Mom ( mother of four ) says: just drink tea and relax, this will pass too

    Enjoy the spring