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Monday, March 5, 2012

Resting and the mysteries of the universe

 This one knows how to rest, how to take it easy.

 So does this one.

 Really, it's what they do best.  Sleeping, cuddling, taking it easy.

 Not so much this one.
And this one is the one who needs the rest.  The one who was awake half the night coughing.  The one who should be exhausted.  But I ask you, really now, does this look at all like the face of someone ready for a nap? I didn't think so either.  One of the great mysteries in life, just behind disappearing socks in the dryer, is how small children can actually convert fatigue into pure energy.  When I am tired, I slow down, I have trouble concentrating, I look for activities that involve sitting, or if possible, SLEEPING.  Not toddlers, somehow the exhaustion itself gives them a second wind and they put forth an amazing display of energetic frenzy. Which is how I know he is tired.  It took me a while to figure this out when he was a small baby, it being so opposite and all, but I learned, lots of energy plus obnoxious behavior equals nap time!  I put him in his pack and play for afternoon naps which allows me the freedom to work, tidy up and clean the upstairs without disturbing his nap.  Luckily, he still fits comfortably in it and we have an agreement about not climbing out.

 We apparently have no such agreement about leaping and jumping for joy in it during nap time.  

And so this is how I left the little tike, hopping with glee, but hoping the laziness of the cat and dog sleeping only inches away on the couch would be contagious and have a soporific effect on Austin.  It must have worked.  He did fall asleep.  Now, if I could only figure out how to deal with this cough.  Any suggestions?

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