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Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Day

I want to remember
 this day...
this Face...

...this little boy in this moment, with the sun shining in his hair, mud on his little blue overalls and a grin on his face

...the way he turns sticks and black walnuts into boats to sail on his "river."  
...the way he sees with such big eyes that a tiny, little creek becomes a river

....the way he walks with such purpose in his step, such determination, such confidence
....the way he swings his arms and lifts his knees as if leading an invisible marching band

 ...the freedom of living in the moment, of not knowing or caring that others are watching

I want to remember this day, today, and all it's magic.  It was extraordinary only in the way every moment is.  It is special because it will never return, never be duplicated, never be exactly the same.  As I watch my son playing,  so small and yet so independent, I remembered again what a gift each moment is.  I can't grasp how quickly these past two years have gone and I can only imagine how quickly the rest will go too.  This road to motherhood was a long one.  It was uncertain, it was a struggle, it broke my heart over and over again.  And now, with this little one growing so fast, I want to stop often and remember....

 the ordinary moments which are anything but ordinary.

1 comment:

  1. yes, time flies. But you can always look back, watch the pictures you made and read your own blog, that way you can recall every precious moment.