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Sunday, January 22, 2012

5 Again

What is it about a little snow and a really cool sled that makes me feel like I'm five again?  All morning I waited patiently for Brian to get the sleds out of the loft.  And to eat breakfast.  And to get dressed.  I kept glancing out the window to make sure the snow hadn't melted or disappeared.  Nope still there. Powdery and perfect.  Not too much, that would bog down the sled.  Not too wet or slushy.  No, this was the good stuff, perfect sledding snow.  Not good for snowman building perhaps, but just right for racing down a hill.
There is only one problem.  We don't own a hill.  But a peek across the street reveals a lovely, unused slope just begging to be played on.  Brian goes to ask the neighbors permission.  More waiting.  A yes, yes, we are welcome to use their hill.  And then the layers.  Long underwear.  pants, sweater, snowsuit, hat, mittens, boots... can the child still move?
We trek across the street and Papa goes the first test run.  It's safe.  Let the fun begin!
The hill is just right, enough of a slope to pick up speed, but not so big that a 2 year old would be scared.  Although I'm not so sure this 2 year old would be scared of any hill.  He's that sort of kid.  His papa looks as if he's going 100 miles an hour on a luge and not a modest little slope.   He's leaning back and his face looks as if the high speeds and winds are knocking the wind clear out of him.  Austin is sitting upright and relaxed, laughing and having a wonderful time.  Me, I couldn't have been happier.  Taking my turns and watching my two men have fun was an afternoon well spent.  I'm no daredevil, but a little bunny hill and a little speed sure are fun.

Plus, it was so nice having this little hill to ourselves; the snow unused and no fear of crashing into other sledders.  It was a great afternoon.  We came back, had lunch, played trains and took a little nap.

It's good to be five once in a while.  To absorb the energy and enthusiasm of a little one.  To remember one's own childhood when experiences were new and yours to master.  When a snowy Sunday afternoon stretched out endlessly before you like summer vacation.  When footie pajamas, a warm bath and a goodnight kiss awaited you at the end of the day.  Yup, it's good to be a kid.  Or just to have one.

PS.  The sleds are from "mountain boy" sled company.  Highly recommend them.  They are big and wooden but a unique rudderless bottom makes them practically weightless on the snow.  Wimpy me can easily pull it up a steep hill with Austin sitting on it.  And they are really beautiful to look at when no one  is on them.

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