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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


well, here it is, day one.  It's actually day three of a brand new year, but it's day one of this whole new thing called blogging.  This new year has inspired me to try some new things, improve some old ones and basically assume responsibility for creating the life I love.  Although it may be obvious to everyone else, for some reason it hit me the other day how this life is mine to create.  I am not in control of this life, that's God's job, but I am responsible for using the days He's given me to Create the kind of life I love.  One that honors Him, one that honors the gifts and talents He's given me, one that is true to all I believe and hold dear.  One that unabashedly affirms my values.  This is not a prefab life.  It doesn't come in a box or kit.  It doesn't look like anyone else's.  I've been given the tools, it's up to me to use them.  This is both liberating and overwhelming.  It means I don't have to look for approval for my choices but it also means I can't blame anyone else if it doesn't end up looking the way I had hoped.  I can choose to focus on the good, the bright and beautiful.  I can seek the gifts of each day.  I can learn to nurture a spirit of gratitude for this life I've been given.  I can create the life I love.
 And so begins 2012.  And this blog.

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