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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thru his eyes

It's a sunny blue skied sort of day, but cold and windy.  I don't like wind, even more than I don't like rain, but with more reason.  Wind has always given me an earache, and unless I cover my head with some sort of silly looking windproof hat, I will be in pain in a few short minutes.  But, I also have a little boy, who despite my distaste for cold moving air, needs to be out in the fresh air.  So silly hat on, we set off for the great outdoors.

 What I see: pulling an empty wagon back and forth, back and forth.  Pointless. Boring.
What he sees; a chance to use these muscles, I am big, I am strong.  I couldn't do this a few months ago.  Wow.  I am growing.
 What I see: wind in my face, cold, annoying, glad my ears are covered.
What he sees:  Wow, just look at how those trees are moving.  It's like they are waving "hello".  The chimes are playing music.  The cold wind makes me feel energetic and alive.

 What I see: Moss on the creek, dead leaves, dead grass, bare trees, probably should have raked the yard.
What he sees: Wow, water in the yard, Wonder if there are any fish or frogs here.  How cold is that water?  Could I jump in before Mama stopped me?  Hey, the leaves are brown now.  How did that happen?

 What I see: Muddy clothes.
What he sees: Everything worth seeing
 So how does it happen?  How do we go from  craving wonder and excitement to seeking comfort and Starbucks?  And can we get it back?  Yes, yes we can.  That is the reward for thousands of diapers changed, for mountains of laundry, for sandbox sand in the carpet; we get to see through their eyes.  We get to experience anew the wonder of life and this planet we call home.  Holidays become exciting again, but so does everyday life.  When I look through the lens of my camera and study this little boy in motion, I see what he sees.  I know again what I had forgotten.  Each day is a gift,  each moment a chance to see and learn something new, to be alive.  To earn those cold ears.

Of course, a little creature comfort doesn't hurt either!

In the knitting basket

I am still working my way through the sad trenches of a war lost to the moths.  My stash suffered tragic losses during a several month long battle with the winged creatures.  THEY are gone now, but in their wake they left baskets and baskets of unusable yarn.  Unfortunately, I don't know which skeins are ruined until I try to use them.  As they unravel, the broken fibers show themselves.  I don't want to buy new yarn until I am sure they are truly and really, without a doubt gone and that there are no eggs in waiting lurking in the remaining balls and baskets.  So, I am working on using up what appears to be salvageable yarn in small stash busting projects.  I had a little Noro left (love Noro) so I made a friend a baby hat and also tried my hand at bowl making.  Bowl making is almost exactly like hat making, just with shorter sides.  This picture is before felting.  It is drying now, but the felting itself is beautiful.  The Noro colors practically glow.  I am hoping to make a bunch of bowls to help in organizing the odds and ends around here and to give as valentine gifts.  I hope the moths are satisfied with the results. I rather am.

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