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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Gospel According to Austin

My son is a big fan of Bible stories.  The bigger the size of the book, the better.  Of course pictures help too.  Right now his favorites are baby Jesus, priest Eli and Samuel, Daniel and the Lions and of course, Noah's ark.  His favorites rotate  but really, he'll spend a lot of time just pouring over the pictures on his own naming the people and events.  Well, it was a few nights ago, after putting on pajamas, reading our nightly Bible story, singing a few songs and praying that I explained to Austin just how much God loves him.  I told him how God made him and placed him in our family and cares for him.  I then asked him, "Austin, who loves you more than anyone in the whole wide world?"  I was of course aiming for "God", but a sweet answer of " Mama" would melt my heart too!  He was sitting on my lap facing me, when he grabbed my face with his two pudgy little hands, studied my face intently for a long moment, considered the question, looked me in the eye, and said, "Mama has a big booger in her nose!"
Well, anyway,  the vest he's wearing in the picture is my first attempt at a knit garment with a zipper.  I like the way it looks, but I sure am glad you can't see the seam up close in the picture.  I really need someone to show me how to sew the zipper in so that the stitches are invisible.  I am currently still trying to finish up some Christmas mittens.  (yes, it is January.  I know that. What's your point?) I  would love to start a vest for Austin with some pretty blue yarn that's been sitting and waiting longer than any yarn should be asked to wait.  I  received a beautiful shrug kit from Knit Picks for Christmas that has also joined the list of waiting projects.  Winter is traditionally a great time to knit, what with cold dark days, cups of tea, not wanting to be outside.  Winter knitting is ideal, especially in an old drafty (reading COLD) house where any additional layer of wool warmth draped over the lap is appreciated. So in theory, I should be able to whip these projects out in no time. Unfortunately,I still haven't figured out how to get much knitting done during the day, what with Austin wanting to "help" or deciding that my time would be far better spent reading him the encyclopedia of animals.  I try to get him occupied in something else first which buys me a few minutes before the cat jumps on my lap or the phone rings or I realize I have an orthodontist appointment in 15 mins at an office 20 minutes away.  So, most of my knitting gets done at night, in bed, when I'm far too tired to get much done anyway. I've seen other bloggers with several children, sprawled out serenely around the woodstone reading or quietly playing, while their mama churns out beautiful handknits to clothe and comfort her entire family.  I am not that blogger.  I don't even play that blogger on tv.  Did I mention I'm still finishing Christmas mittens?   Poor, sad, lonely yarn.  It deserves so much better.

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