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Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby it's cold outside!

Boy, the temperatures sure have plummeted since yesterday!  So maybe that's why what happened today, happened.  We'll call it brain freeze.
This morning, I gave Austin a little bowl with some yarn balls and a couple of swizzle sticks (minus the sugar - that went into my tea).  He always wants to "help" me with my knitting and I thought perhaps a little knitting basket of his own would divert his attention.  He took it right away and began "knitting".  After a few minutes, he said, "Mama show Austin how to knit", well, what knitting mama doesn't want to hear those words?  So I sat down, swizzle stick in hand and tried to cast on.  I say "tried" because I just couldn't.  It wasn't the stick, it was me.  I simply couldn't remember how to do it.  The yarn felt  like a stranger in my hands.  At first I chuckled, and tried again.  Wait, how do I hold this yarn, I know, it goes over these two fingers, but?  And then the nervous laughter just became nervous.  What's wrong with me, why can't I do this?  The more I tried, the harder it got and the more hot prickles crawled up my spine.  Within a moment or two I had convinced myself I probably had a brain tumor, dementia or something that would be swift, progressive and mean that I will never even see Austin graduate from preschool.  (Such is the thought pattern of someone who has had a lifelong struggle with anxiety attacks).  Then I remembered the knot.  The little slip knot that starts the whole process.  I made the knot, and tadaa.. it all came back.  Nervously, I cast on a few stitches and off I went.  I called a friend to confirm that I wasn't completely loosing it, and although she does not possess a medical degree, she says this happens to everyone, once in a while.  So how about it?  Has this sort of thing happened to you too?

Ok, on a different note, I love, love, love this hat!   It is a silly obsession of mine to dress this little boy in the most ridiculously cute animal clothes I can.  If it has ears on the hood, or a tail on the bottom, I just can't resist.  I know my time is limited, he will not put up with this much longer, so I have to get my fix while I can.  Girl clothes stay cute into bigger sizes, boys clothes, blah.  Pirates, camouflage  and little hoodlums are about all there is.  So, while he may spend a few years in therapy later blaming his mama for all the silly hats, I'm still gonna be lovin' it now!

Happy Weekend!

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