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Thursday, January 12, 2012

a welcome rainy day

I'm not exactly a fan of rainy days.   I don't like them.  Especially cold rainy days.  But today, I welcomed an inclement day. After several days of running around, running errands and generally being busy, I wanted a day to just be.  I wanted Austin to just have a day to hang around the house and play.  I wanted to not put on hats and coats.  I wanted to avoid the car seat and the new ongoing struggle to "do it all by myself" to get into said car seat.  I just wanted to be.  And so we did.  And what a better excuse to stay in than a constant cold rain falling from a determined gray sky.  My piano student had already cancelled for the day, we had no appointments, grocery shopping was done so there was no real reason to leave the house.  And so, we played all day.  As luck would have it, the hobby horse I ordered for Austin arrived today making the day even the more special.  The horse's name is of course, Macaroni, as all horses should be named.  Austin is convinced that all horses share this name.  Why, well,  when Yankee Doodle (or Austin Doodle, as we sing it) historically rode into town on a pony, and stuck a feather in his cap, what did he call it?  Macaroni of course!  He called his pony Macaroni, because that was it's name!  Well, at least that what Austin thinks the song is about.  And I kinda like that interpretation.
The rainy day also lent itself to a morning train ride around the kitchen with Teddy and Mikey and plenty of cuddle time with Daisey dog.  (Daisey is hoping tomorrow will be sunny and involve less cuddle time with a toddler.)  And there's always time to cut up fruits and veggies in Austin's kitchen.  If this kid doesn't grow up to be a chef, I will be mighty surprised.

It was cold, it was wet, it was a good day.

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