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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Tent and the Nose Bunnies

We are still busily playing with new Christmas toys and today we finally got around to setting up the tent. Somewhere in the weeks before Christmas, I was in a drug store (medicinal products taking up only about 1 aisle of the store) and I saw a very inexpensive tent/tunnel set.  I wasn't planning on buying a play tent for Christmas, but it was so inexpensive and I thought it would be a great toy for Austin and his papa to play with together, especially during these winter months which tend to keep us indoors more often.  My husband spent much of his childhood building tents and forts and this would be right up his alley.  Unfortunately, our living room is so tiny that we can only use the tent OR the tunnel at any one time.  The tunnel pops up all on its own so is super easy to set up and clean up.  It  has seen a lot of play time already.  The tent was a bit frustrating to set up, but once we did, what fun!  First we played mama bear and little bear in a cave, then we pretended to be bats in a cave, then we had a tea party complete with wooden ice cream cones (another gift from Santa).  We brought his bike in, played cars, read books, pretended to nap and finally, Austin decided it was the stable and he was baby Jesus.  We wrapped him in a blanket, convinced Daisey (our dog) to make a brief visit as the Donkey, the cats stopped by playing the role of sheep and finally, after Mama angel announced the Messiah's birth, Papa shepherd stopped by to worship the newborn king.  Then we stopped and ate pizza.  Who would have thought one small, cheaply made, drug store tent could provide so much open ended play.  I highly recommend that anyone looking to incorporate more imaginative play into their little ones lives buy one.  I would have loved to have taken some pictures, but at the moment, my camera battery is recharging, and my memory card is full.  Will definitely get some pics next time.
On another topic, Austins fascination with nasal mucus grows daily.  He enjoys updating us on the state of his and our nostrils.  I however, am not so in love with the word, Boogers.  Surely, there must be a nicer way of saying it, something cutesy and more becoming to a two year olds vocabulary.  Lacking any euphemisms, I came up with "nose bunnies".  Bunnies works for those awful dust and dirt tumbleweeds that lurk under our beds and dressers, why not put them to further use.  Plus, I thought it might sound fun enough to appeal to Austin and replace boogers.  It worked!  In the course of one day, Nose Bunnies has replaced Boogers in his vocabulary.  For how long? That remains to be seen.  Anyone have any other cute replacements for unloved words?  I'd love to hear them.

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