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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looking back, looking ahead

looking back, I see an amazing year of growth, as I look pictures of my little guy.  I can hardly believe he was still so small, that his hair was so short!  And the pictures don't speak of his ever growing vocabulary, his thinking skills, his intermittent naughtiness!  What an amazing little boy.  

Looking ahead, I see a year full of opportunities, more growth (for both Austin and myself), certainly struggles and a clean slate marked 2012.  My hopes include a new baby, a cleaner more organized home, FINISHED knitting projects, more Bible study and creating a schedule and lifestyle that supports the dreams and values of my small family.  This last one is going to take some thinking and delving into who it is I am as a person and where I am trying to go, what are the dreams I have for myself and my family, what are Austin's and Brian's needs at this time in our lives, and what do we need to do to reach our dreams.  Lots of thinking, dreaming and planning going on in my mind these days, which is good, because a bad head cold is keeping me from getting a lot of physical work done.  Some cold days, some hot tea, a few last days by the Christmas tree, life if good.

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