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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Soaking up the sun

 I feel as if we have been fighting every germ, virus and bacteria out there lately.  Between stomach bugs, sore throats, runny noses and plenty of fatigue, we've had our share of blahs.  So we headed outside for a little of nature's free vitamin D, and look who we found.

 The crocus too, have given up on winter this year and have decided to make an early show of it.  I hadn't even thought to look for them until I almost stepped on a patch of them in the yard.  Austin had fun searching the yard for other small clumps of them, a bit of practice for the upcoming Easter egg hunts.

 We had some trees pruned this past week and there are still a few woody treasures to be found.
 The chickens too, were making the most of the sunshine.

 There were important things to do, like bubble mowers to push...
feathers to collect.... 

 and sun to soak up!
 Afterwards, we headed inside for a little book time

 and a little cuddle time with "baby Jesus". You know baby Jesus must be pretty special to get wrapped in the all important blankie.

It was a busy morning and I'm looking forward to a good nap.....

for both of us!

Wishing you 
a restful

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