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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stick Garden

About a week ago, we finally got around to planting the little seed kits Austin had gotten as a gift for Easter.

 The little dirt mounds looked more like mini doughnuts than anything we'd plant in the garden.  I put the seed boxes on the bathroom windowsill.  The baby chicks are also in there, which means the teeny tiny bathroom is like a hot house, 24 hours of heat and light. Wow! Did those seeds grow fast!  The next day, there were sprouts!  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperative for planting most days so by the time we took them outside to transplant, they had become very tall and leggy.

They needed support, a lot of support.  And so, we planted a stick garden.

And you would seriously think that with all those sticks poking up, it would not be the most comfortable place to hang out.  But apparently, fragile seedlings make the best of bedding.

For Dogs:

 and chickens.

Well, we'll see what survives all this animal lovin' and the threat of  frost.  In the meanwhile, wishing you all a restful weekend.

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  1. I love planting new flowers too! They look so nice and it seems Austin loves being a gardener. My dog always sleeps on my new planted flowers and I am afraid Daisy will do it too, ha